Developing the Low Carbon Economy

The UK and EU targets for de-carbonising the economy – based around an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 - require a major shift towards resource and energy efficiency and low carbon technologies in the industry, residential, energy and transport sectors.  This will involve huge investment, new technologies, new skills and behaviour change and brings enormous opportunities for businesses and employment.   URSUS helps clients to respond quickly and innovatively to these considerable economic opportunities. 

What we do:

URSUS advises clients on:

  • Programme development: in areas such as housing retrofit, renewable energy, waste management, supply chain development and skills. 
  • Planning policies for supporting development of the low carbon economy.
  • Financing of low carbon investment: including housing retrofit and low carbon energy from Feed in Tariffs, Heat Incentives, CESP, ECO, Green Deal, European Investment Bank and EU JESSICA and ELENA programmes.  
  • Business support: design and implementation of resource efficiency and energy efficiency support to businesses.
  • Sector and market analysis: analysis and support for the environmental goods and services industry, renewable energy and low carbon sectors.
  • Skills development for green jobs:  including analysis of skills needs and tailored training in the areas of sustainable construction, renewables and low carbon energy, green infrastructure and land management and recycling.
  • Enterprise development:  market research, business planning, partnership development and start up advice for business, social enterprises and Trusts. 
  • Carbon foot printing of policies and activities to understand the options for lower carbon options.

Case studies:

Our key staff have over 15 years experience of working in the low carbon and environmental technology and services and examples of recent experience include:

  • Low Carbon Training and Support for Planners, IEWM and Sustainability West Midlands,  Evaluation of national advocacy and support tools for Local Authorities, businesses and communities in reducing carbon emissions through renewables, low carbon energy and buildings and adaptation.   Development and implementation of a strategy for meeting planners needs through a programme of capacity building events, in-depth training and guidance materials (2011-12).
  • Support to Birmingham City Council in the developing the business case and funding for the development of a large scale housing retrofit programmes, linked to funding opportunities such as Feed in Tariffs (2011). 
  • Advice to Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP) across the West Midlands on opportunities and actions for developing the low carbon economy (2011).
  • Identification of business opportunities for SMEs linked to the forthcoming Green Deal programme, for the EU funded FLASH programme run by the Institute for Sustainability (2011).
  • Analysis of supply chain opportunities in renewable energy in mid Wales, undertaken with Quantum Technology and Strategy Ltd on behalf of the Central Wales Economic Forum and the Welsh Assembly Government (2010).   We have also worked in the East Midlands to help identify opportunities for wind technology investments.
  • Review of market opportunities and skills needs for the low carbon economy in Yorkshire and the Humber, for Yorkshire Forward and preparing briefing papers on opportunities for developing green jobs on behalf of the region’s Independent Sustainable Development Board (2010).
  • Research into opportunities for addressing worklessness through green space management activities in the North West of England, on behalf of the NWDA, Groundwork, Environment Agency, Natural England and partners. 
  • Evaluation of the Marches Environmental Technology Network, on behalf of Shropshire Council, the ERDF programme and Advantage West Midlands (2010-12).
  • Assessment of the employment potential of increasing recycling rates in the UK and European Union, on behalf of Friends of the Earth (2010). 
  • Analysis of Eco-Industries in Shropshire and Telford, on behalf of Advantage West Midlands and Shropshire County Council.
  • Future structures for delivering resource efficiency support to businesses in Wales for the Welsh Assembly Government, including integration within mainstream business support.
  • Feasibility Study for a capital grant scheme and support for renewable energy installations and energy efficiency improvements in businesses in the Rural Regeneration Zone of the West Midlands, involving extensive business consultation, assessment of renewable energy supply chains, appraisal of economic costs and benefits and assessment of carbon reduction effect, on behalf of Advantage West Midlands.
  • Mapping of the environmental and low carbon sectors in Wales, on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government.
  • Cluster analysis in the environmental and low carbon energy sectors in the North East of England, the South East and the West Midlands.  
  • Analysis of opportunities for business diversification into low carbon and environmental markets on behalf of the Rover Task Force. 


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