Evaluation, monitoring and stakeholder engagement

It is essential that financial resource is used wisely, effectively and efficiently and that businesses, communities and individuals have a real stake in developing a more sustainable economy in the future.  URSUS has evaluated policies, programmes, initiatives and investments on behalf of the European Commission, UK government, devolved administrations such as the Welsh Assembly Government, regional bodies, partnerships, businesses, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and community groups.  This evaluation work helps clients to understand: the effectiveness of interventions and investments; what really works; how to improve implementation in the future; and how to ensure lasting impacts.

What we do:

URSUS works with clients on:

  • Quantitative Evaluation – to develop and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for public, private and voluntary sector organisations so they can measure their progress against objectives.  We do this using desk research, surveys and quantitative analysis techniques.
  • Qualitative evaluation - to understand the outcomes and wider impacts of organisations, policies, programmes or interventions.  We use carefully designed semi-structured, repeatable surveys with individuals to tease out difficult to measure qualitative impacts, particularly in the areas of advocacy, behavioural change and skills and learning support activities.   
  • Stakeholder Engagement – to involve decision makers and the public in the design, implementation or evaluation of policies and activities.  As trained facilitators we have extensive experience of organising large formal events and workshops to small informal deliberative discussion and focus groups.

Case studies:

  • Children’s Investment Fund for the Future (CIFF).  We are currently working with CIFF on a major programme to evaluate the outcomes and impact of grants made to a variety of European organisations to drive the move towards a decarbonised power sector by 2050.  This work includes a combination of quantitative online surveys and some 180 individual interviews with senior policy makers and thought leaders on climate change and energy in the Brussels, the UK, Germany and Poland and will help to establish a baseline for measuring evolving attitudes towards decarbonisation in this complex area.  
  • Climate Change for Local Authority Support Programme (CLASP) We evaluated CLASP’s technical, advocacy and support programme for meeting climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives for some 70 member organizations in the North West.   We carried out face to face, telephone and online interviews with some 100 individuals using carefully designed questionnaires and protocols and, on the basis of research findings, made recommendations on the future focus and delivery of the programme.
  • Private Sector Development retreat, DFID, 2011.  We worked with DFID, the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank to design and facilitate a two day workshop for 80 participants to examine DFID’s strategy for working with the private sector in different contexts, to scale up successful approaches and to innovate in order to deliver better outcomes for the poor.
  • Evaluation of the Marches Environmental Technology Network, on behalf of Shropshire Council, the ERDF Programme and Advantage West Midlands, 2010-12.


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