Economic Analysis and business planning

The URSUS economics team advises a range of clients on the economic costs and benefits of investments – from regeneration projects and programmes through to specific investments in environmental assets, green infrastructure and sustainable construction. We also undertake clients and partnerships to develop business plans, funding applications and delivery plans.

What we do:

URSUS provides clients with specialist economics advice in the following areas:

  • Ex ante economic appraisal: particularly of regeneration projects and programmes, in line with the HM Treasury ‘Green Book’, CLG’s ‘Assessing the Impacts of Spatial Interventions’ (the 3Rs) and EU Cost Benefit Guidance manuals, as appropriate.
  • Business Planning:  market research, stakeholder consultation, development of business plans and start-up advice for enterprises in the low carbon, regeneration, housing, environmental and social sectors.
  • Economic development and regeneration: advice on integrating environmental improvements into local economic regeneration and community development strategies and programmes, including actions to reduce carbon emissions and environmental inequalities.
  • Evaluation and economic impact assessment:  of investments, programmes and projects in the transport, energy and construction sectors.   
  • Environmental economics: applying environmental valuation methodologies in order to help clients and stakeholders take account of wider environmental and social impacts in their investment and consumption decisions and to help identify shareholder value generated by sustainable development initiatives (eg. in the mining and metals sectors).

Case studies:

  • Homes and Communities Agency Economics Panel (previously the English Partnerships Economics Panel:  URSUS undertakes ex ante economic appraisals for a range of investments and disposals by HCA and partners, typically to Treasury ‘Green Book’ requirements.
  • Feasibility Study for Regeneration Zone.  On behalf of Advantage West Midlands we carried out feasibility for a capital grant scheme and support for renewable energy installations and energy efficiency improvements in businesses in the Rural Regeneration Zone of the West Midlands.  The process involved extensive business consultation, assessment of renewable energy supply chains, appraisal of economic costs and benefits and carbon reduction impacts. 
  • Review of Employment Land Guidance: for CLG we developed ‘good practice guidance’ (subsequently published in PPS 4) for the assessment of needs and allocations of employment land by local authorities to deliver sustainable and resilient growth objectives.
  • Business Planning for greenspace management:  Over a number of years we have worked with organisations such as the Land Trust, Groundwork and Local Authorities to develop sustainable models for long term management of multi-purpose greenspace.  This has included market research, stakeholder consultation and preparation of business plans for local trusts or enterprises.   Most recently we have prepared business plans for Trusts in Ashford, Ely, Hull, Scarborough, Newcastle and the North West.  
  • PruPIM: Our team provided economic advice on the development of a major housing scheme at Fareham and a major business park on the M25 by developing and presenting the economic case for the developments at the Examination in Public of the Regional Spatial Strategy.
  • Economic Modelling to Assess how many jobs could be created in the recycling sector across Europe on behalf of Friends of the Earth.


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