Tackling Climate Change

The global climate is already changing and we are locked into global temperatures of at least 1.4oC because of past emissions.   EU and UK policy and carbon pricing means mitigating future carbon emissions remains a pressing priority for businesses, communities and the public sector.  We also need to adapt to the risks posed by predicted sea level rise, higher temperatures, reduced summer rainfall and extreme events which will impact on land, buildings, agriculture and food production, biodiversity and people.

What we do:

URSUS helps clients to meet climate challenges in a number of ways:

  • Carbon foot printing: Assessing current and predicting future carbon emissions arising from geographical areas (eg. regions, towns, communities), from sectors of the economy (eg. housing), and from consumption patterns and lifestyles.
  • Carbon management: Supporting organisations and partnerships in reducing carbon emissions.
  • Low carbon technology and renewable energy: Advising on the technologies and technical solutions for carbon emission and energy cost reduction.
  • Planning policies for climate change: Advising Local Authorities and partners on planning policies to support climate change mitigation and adaptation, including sustainable low carbon construction, renewable and low carbon energy and climate adaptation for buildings and developments.
  • Climate change adaptation: Helping organisations to assess climate risks, identify priorities and opportunities for adaptation and ensuring that risks are taken into account in designing new and existing developments.
  • Identifying climate related opportunities and disseminating best practice:  identifying innovative opportunities to develop new products and services and apply new technologies and tools and collecting together and disseminating best practice through publications, websites and site visits.

Case studies:

  • Evaluation of European Climate Foundation’s programme of support for organisations assisting the European Commission, national governments and energy businesses move towards decarbonisation of the energy sector by 2050. 
  • Low Carbon Training for Planners.   We designed and delivered a programme of 27 events on behalf of Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands (IEWM) and Sustainability West Midlands (SWM) which were attended by some 400 LA officers and elected members.  Tailored sessions and site visits covered planning for renewables and low carbon energy, sustainable construction, adaptation, greenspace and SUDS. 
  • Climate Change Adaptation Study for Warwick District Council.  We helped WDC to identify and prioritise its corporate climate risks and opportunities across its services, assets and planning policies and to develop a detailed action plan to manage risks.
  • Carbon foot printing for Local Strategic Partnerships.  We worked with eight Local Strategic Partnerships in Yorkshire and the Humber to help them understand how current consumption patterns affect their carbon footprints and how policies affecting transport, construction, industrial and household consumption could reduce carbon emissions. We then helped each develop a strategy and action plan for moving towards a lower carbon future.
  • Large scale housing retrofit programme design with Birmingham City Council, URSUS assisted in making the business case and putting together a grant bid and action plan for delivery of a local Green Deal programme.
  • Funding options for low carbon housing retrofit. URSUS prepared guidance for the EU funded FLASH programme on funding options for low carbon housing retrofit, including the forthcoming Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation, and associated business opportunities for SMEs.
  • Low Carbon market towns in Yorkshire and Humber.  We worked with businesses, LAs and community groups in 4 market towns to identify more than 20 innovative, bankable projects for low carbon futures ranging from smart grids and innovative renewable technologies to novel land uses and transport approaches.
  • Low Carbon Cities, Sustainability West Midlands and the Birmingham City Region.  We identified and showcased best practice innovations from across the UK and Europe to help the City Region leaders develop strategies for moving to a lower carbon future.  


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