Anna MacGillivray

Anna is a founding Director of URSUS and a socio economist and environmental expert with over 20 years of experience of undertaking research, evaluations, business planning and consultation across a wide area of environmental, economic and social sustainable development fields. She has worked with international, UK government, business and voluntary sector organisations to develop and evaluate their policies, strategies, programmes and projects and to make positive changes towards a sustainable future.  She is a trained facilitator and also designs and delivers tailored training courses.  Her particular areas of interest are climate change, sustainable construction, energy, ecosystem services and green infrastructure and community led regeneration.  She has worked in the UK and in more than 35 countries overseas.  Before setting up URSUS she was a Technical Director at Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and a partner of Maendeleo Development Partnership.  She also works with local charities in the social, environmental and economic fields and is currently a Trustee of MIND. anna.macgillivray@ursusconsulting.co.uk


Steve Owen

Steve is a founding Director of URSUS. He is an economist has over 15 years consultancy experience, specialising in sustainable development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, planning policy, low carbon economic development, low carbon housing, programme evaluation, business planning and business support.  He has delivered many projects for private sector clients, Local Authorities, sub-regional partnerships, regional bodies, Government Agencies, Government departments and the European Commission. Prior to establishing URSUS, Steve was a a Partner and Technical Director in ERM Ltd, a senior Consultant with ECOTEC Research & Consulting and a consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. stephen.owen@ursusconsulting.co.uk


Hilary Livesey

Hilary has over 15 years consultancy experience and specialises in sustainable development policy, sustainablity appraisal, strategic environmental assessment, HRA, planning policy, Core Strategies, waste local plans, minerals core strategies and environmental policy. She has undertaken many projects for Local Authorities and also works at regional and national level in the UK and other European countries. hilary.livesey@ursusconsulting.co.uk


David Nicholas

David is an econommist and qualified planner with some 30 years experience in regeneration.  He is an Associate with URSUS Consulting Ltd and Director of DJN Associates, and has worked with URSUS since 2004. David advises on regeneration, notably policy development to encourage the better re-use of brownfield land and wider socio-economic research, strategy and policy development.  He has undertaken many training assignments on topics such as brownfield regeneration, planning for housing growth and Housing Market Renewal, and investment and options appraisal in line with HM Treasury ‘Green Book’ standards. david.nicholas@ursusconsulting.co.uk


Howard Walker

Howard is an economist with over 15 years professional experience specialising in strategic economic and environmental studies, stakeholder assessments, regeneration related studies and economic and environmental impact assessments. Howard is also a Director of Bridge Economics Ltd and previously worked as an economist for Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Ltd, as well as at WS Atkins and the Department of Health. howard.walker@ursusconsulting.co.uk


Associate Consultants

URSUS works with experienced specialist consultants with complementary skills in areas such as planning, landscape design, GIS, infrastructure planning, ecology and property.


Associate Businesses

URSUS has established relationships with a range of other businesses who can provide specialist support to complement our core services. We work with property advisers, market researchers, equalities experts, management consultants, landscape architects and ecologists.


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